Expert Advice on Buying Multiple Properties in Los Angeles

Expert Tips, Tricks and Advice on Purchasing Multiple Properties at Once in the Los Angeles Luxury Market

Real estate investors who know how to buy multiple properties find themselves substantially better off than the rest of the population. Growing a large real estate investment portfolio is something that very few real estate investors achieve.

Buy below market valueBuy below market value

They say that you make your money when you buy not when you sell. While for most real estate investors this is hard to believe since they are buying properties at market value, this is true for those who buy below market value. Research your market and look for investment properties that you can buy at lower prices.

Add value to your property through renovation

How does a property gain value? A great way to add value to your property and gain equity quickly is through renovation. Very few property investors look at a distressed property and see its potential. Properties that are in poor condition and need repairs often fetch for well below market value compared to similar well-kept properties because not everyone wants to put work into them.

Constantly get property values reviewedConstantly get property values reviewed

So many real estate investors who own just one property fail to get their property revalued. Determining whether or not your property has a higher valuation than before can help you if you want to know how to buy multiple properties.

Get a mortgage broker

Property investors who are experts on how to buy multiple properties always recommend that you get a great mortgage broker. Why? Financing investment property is much harder than it was before. That is why having a great mortgage broker by your side will help increase your borrowing capacity and will help you get approved for more mortgage loans.

Get good at researching the market

Buying multiple properties in real estate doesn’t just have to be in your local real estate market. As a property investor, you want to invest in different areas and may be in different states in order to diversify your property portfolio.

Create positive cash flow where possibleCreate positive cash flow where possible

Your investment property generates positive cash flow when your rental income is greater than the sum of your expenses. If all the properties you buy are putting extra cash into your pockets, then you can afford to service these properties and expand your portfolio.

Having a large property portfolio means you get to take advantage of capital growth across a variety of income-producing assets. Plus you get to use the power of leverage to grow a small investment into a larger one. It is very difficult to achieve financial freedom and secure your future off of just one investment property. Once you know how to buy multiple properties, reaching financial freedom becomes extremely achievable.

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