A Luxury
Real Estate Experience For Everyone

As professional Real Estate & Commercial Pilots, We provide our clients with a Free Private flight So you can see your potential Home Purchase from the sky!

Find Your New Luxury Home


Elevating The Pursuit Of Real Estate

Seeing properties in LA county, and truly getting a feel for the community can take hours by car!! Not to mention causes emissions to increase dramatically. By helicopter or fixed wing aircraft we can not only cut time and emissions (at no cost to you), but give you an experience that you will never forget.

Commercial Pilots & Residential Agents

Wealth of knowledge in “LA County and all of Southern California”

Your pilots are licensed Realtors with a wealth of experience in the Los Angeles area and can get you the very best deal in this competitive market … saving you time and expense searching in the traditional way

  • We want to make real estate fun as well as offering a green alternative to viewing properties & communities from an aerial perspective.
  • Our team is comprised of well-educated individuals that not only hold MBAs but are all Certified pilots and esteemed Real estate professionals.
  • We give you a 45 minute private experience in a great via fixed wing Aircraft or Helicopter.
  • Which you’ll enjoy and can take up to 3 passengers.  showing a topographical view of the area, to truly give you a feel of your neighborhood that you can’t get anywhere else.

Imagine all the time you will save driving around LA, Going Green

Real estate with a luxury experience for the everyday home buyer"